Welcome to Fizer Fine Art, where art is about seeing anew and creating afresh.

As an artist and an art instructor, Jason Fizer cultivates a love for creating art. He equips his students with a knowledge of art tools and instills in them a love for the media (paints, clay, etc), thus developing their skill for expressing creativity with beauty and excellence. His students’ new artistic and creative skills will benefit them in many other areas, such as problem-solving, thinking and communication skills.

God created the heavens and the earth. Since we are made in his image, we are creative by nature. Through art, we can take elements (such as line, shape, value, texture, and color) and compose a meaningful form. Art is expressive, like a language that communicates. In written language, we have letters that make up words, and words that make up sentences. Composed skillfully, they express meaning and create understanding. Similarly, in art, with a paintbrush, color, and canvas, we can arrange the elements to create a meaningful, communicative masterpiece. Art is also about seeing. We learn to see all the parts that make up the whole and their relationship to each other. Art creates a setting in which to think and build thinking skills. Developing artistic skills on any level spreads through and enhances other areas of our lives.

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Come and See

Jason has a wonderful way of working with his students. My 9 year old son struggled in his school art class to finish projects because he felt they were not perfect. He finished very few projects. Since working with Jason, my son not only finishes every project but has a new sense of appreciation of his own abilities. He no longer thinks that they need to be perfect but instead finds them an expression of his own creativity. Where he used to have a high level of frustration, he now has a renewed sense of pride in his work. It has been an amazing journey for our whole family and we are truly grateful for Jason’s guidance and encouragement.”

Laura K.