curriculum overview


“Jason (Fizer) demonstrated a mastery of his discipline through the broad and in-depth historical and theoretical content of the lessons he taught, and through the excellent examples he created for those lessons. ... Jason demonstrated an awareness of diverse learning styles and he adapted his teaching strategies for individuals and for groups to fulfill the needs of students. ... His lessons also provided both cognitive learning, actual doing, and critical evaluating as parts of the learning process.”

Fellow educator, Charles B.


Drawing Pencil: HB (any brand name. This is essentially any standard #2 pencil)

Pencil Sharpener (any brand)

White Vinyl Eraser (any brand)

Prismacolor Colored Pencils - set of 24

3 additional colored pencils - we have these available for $5.

Strathmore 400 series Recycled Sketch (14x17) 24 sheets; 80 lb paper; green cover

These materials are purchased directly from Fizer Fine Art as they can be hard to find consistently in Roanoke stores. These materials will be used for many semesters. After a full set of painting supplies has been purchased, students will be charged a $10 canvas fee each subsequent semester to cover their canvases for the semester.

SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018


These classes are for all skill levels. Jason will continue to challenge his students as they progress from semester to semester.


Pre-requisite: For students ages 8-18, two semesters of drawing class with Jason. For adults, one semester of drawing with Jason.


These materials can be purchased at A.C. Moore, Michael’s and Amazon.  They can also be purchased from Fizer Fine Art for $60. Our set also includes a canvas bag large enough to hold everything. These materials will be used for many semesters.

REGISTRATION - Registration opens April 23 for 2018 summer and 2018-2019 school year classes

Registration is required for all classes. You can register by emailing or calling us. There is a $23 ($28 for adults) non-refundable registration fee for new students. This fee will also cover your first class.