Fizer Fine Art classes

Fizer Fine Art offers art education from a Christian worldview - reflecting our Creator by creating works of beauty and originality.

Fizer Fine Art classes are structured to maximize student/teacher interaction while also fostering student interaction and collaboration. For this reason, class size is limited to 5 students. Classes of this size also nurture younger students’ social development as they build their network of peers. All classes feature a blend of instruction and hands-on involvement.

Students at Fizer Fine Art will develop a working knowledge of art tools (e.g. pencils, paintbrushes) and media (e.g. paint, clay) while they learn diverse art techniques (e.g. shading, perspective). Classes are structured on a semester system. Click here to see a listing of our current and upcoming classes.

As Fizer Fine Art students grow in their artistic expression, they will enjoy exhibiting their work at our annual art show.

Course fees: For students ages 6-18, weekly, one-hour classes are $23 per week. For students ages 19+, weekly, one-hour classes are $28 per week. Materials extra. By purchasing materials separately, Fizer Fine Art students have the freedom to take their tools home and practice further.

Studio Location: Classes are held at 5042 Hearthstone Rd, Roanoke, VA 24012. Parents of students are invited to relax in the sitting room adjoining the studio; catch up on some reading, or just claim a few moments of quiet.


Where the Paint meets the Canvas


Seeing anew.  Creating afresh.